Jimertiro Honey (Stingless Bee Honey)

Jimerito Honey offers relief to tired eyes, enriched with 100% pure Jimerito honey. The honey extract helps to strengthen the irritated mucous membranes and reduce the symptoms of fatigue. Perfectly pH balanced, the eye drops are sure to provide lasting relief.
Did you know that your eyes are the only part of the brain located outside the body? That's why they are referred to as orbits, as they are essentially an extension of your brain. It's fascinating how our eyes serve as a direct pathway to nourish our brains. Media takes advantage of this by leveraging visual stimuli to influence us. But have you ever wondered how you can feed your brain just like you satisfy your appetite?
Introducing Jimerito stingless bee honey, the perfect unadulterated food that can be applied directly to your eyes, providing direct nourishment to your brain! This ancient food is a remarkable way to satiate your thoughts and promote the well-being of your eyes and brain.
Stingless bees, despite their minuscule size, possess incredible capabilities. These nano-sized engineers venture into the sacred spaces of the tropical rainforest, collecting nectar and pollen from the most potent electric herbs. The result is an extraordinary elixir unlike anything else. In fact, each dropper of our honey contains the essence of approximately 250,000 flowers. Experience the unique benefits of Jimerito stingless bee honey and unlock the potential of your eyes and brain like never before!

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