Jimerito Eye Drops

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Jimerito Eye Drops: Jimerito Eye Drops
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Batana Oil: Nature's Best-Kept Secret

Discover the unmatched purity of Herbal Healing's Batana Oil, sourced directly from the pristine coastal regions of Miskito, Honduras. In a market flooded with imitations, our Batana Oil stands apart as the real "Sun Gel." While many other oils are diluted with coconut oil and other saturated fats, we guarantee you 100% raw unadulterated Batana Oil at Herbal Healing.

The Origin of Batana Oil:

This rare elixir is produced as nature intended, extracted from the palm nut that has basked under the sun for a full 15 days. It's an ancestral tradition, held close to the heart of the Miskito people, ensuring every drop retains its potent benefits.

We use one ingredient in our HerbalHealing Batana Oil:

100% Pure Batana Oil

Batana Oil Benefits are Twofold . Batana Oil is transformative for both your hair & skin.

Batana Oil for Hair Revival

  • Less Breakage: Promotes stronger strands.
  • Encourages Hair Growth: Stimulates regrowth even in thinning areas.
  • Repairs Damaged Hair and Reverses Hair Loss: Restores hair's health and vitality.
  • Natural Dye for Grey and White Hairs: Restores original hair color.
  • Rejuvenates Hair: Amplifies thickness, strength, and shine.
  • Moisturises Dry Hair and Scalp: Promotes overall hair health.

Batana Oil - Skin's Best Friend

  • Naturally rich in Vitamin E: Provides UV protection and fights free radicals, preventing wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • High in Omega-6: Anti-inflammatory properties reduce acne and promote skin healing.
  • Fights Wrinkles: Stops collagen production slowdown due to UV exposure and boosts new collagen synthesis, maintaining skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Shields against environmental pollution: Protects skin from harmful pollutants, maintaining its health and vitality.
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates skin cells: Provides essential nutrients for skin health, promoting a radiant complexion.
  • Acts as a natural emollient: Moisturises and softens skin, enhancing its suppleness and glow.

Batana Oil - Beyond Beauty

Batana Oil's virtues extend far beyond cosmetic benefits. It:

  • Serves as a Blood Builder and Purifier: Enhances overall blood circulation and purification.
  • Aids in Alleviating Gout and Uric Acid Buildup: Supports joint health and reduces inflammation.
  • Enhances Lung Health: Assists individuals with asthma and promotes respiratory well-being.
  • Acts as a Dietary Wonder: Essential for hormone production, including testosterone.

Usage Tip: At room temperature, Batana Oil remains solid but melts seamlessly upon touch, making it perfect for topical applications and even as a luxurious cooking oil for sautés.

  • Vegan

  • Paraben - Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • Sulfate - Free

  • Sustainable